Bay Area Bluestone
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Bluestone Color Ranges

Variegated color means no color selection whatsoever. This can mean a mixture of green, brown, blue, gray, rust, etc.

Full-Color means Variegated plus Lilac & Blue mixed in. This is the most colorful and varied of the different color choices.

Blue Select will vary from deep blues to light blues, often with a charcoal vein.

Green Select is selected to green stone, but due to the natural process of the development of the stone, brown veining and brown shades throughout the stone are normal and still considered to be selected green stone.

Lilac Select will vary from deep lilac to light lilac, with occasional brown shading.


Natural Cleft Produced by splitting the stone, or separating it by its’ natural layers, out of the earth. It is the roughest and most natural looking finish.

Flames/Thermalled Produced by treating sawn material with a flame torch and water to add texture to the surface.

Honed Produced by sanding the stone with fine grit paper to achieve a very smooth, matte surface. This is commonly used for counters and/or vertical surfaces. Honed tiles can be used for flooring, but interior applications are recommended.


Rock-Faced Also called “pitched”, this uneven, rough look is produced by using a chisel and hammer to break of small pieces of stone. Often used on veneer or other wall building material, as well as treads and pool coping.

Eased Softening of the 90° angle on an exposed edge by grinding or sanding, depending on the material. Commonly seen on counters and coping.

Bull-Nosed Rounding of an exposed edge, most often used for counters and coping. Can be either a “half-bull”, where only one 90° angle is rounded, or a full-bull, where both the top and bottom 90° angles are rounded.

Sawn No Special treatment. Typical edge of any tile or material with unexposed sides. Natural Flames with hand chiseled top and bottom edge.


Bay Area Bluestone

Bay Area Bluestone

Bay Area Bluestone

Bay Area Bluestone

Bay Area Bluestone

Bay Area Bluestone

Bay Area Bluestone
Rock Ridge Stone
Rock Ridge Stone
Rock Ridge Stone

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